Best Tips to Choose a Sleeping Bags

Summer is here, and if you are planning to camp this summer, make sure you have got all the equipment and supplies to stay safe and comfortable. One thing that can make or break your camping experience is the sleeping bag you use.
The right sleeping bag can make all the difference for a stress-free and comfortable night sleep. In this guide we will take you through all the considerations and tips to help you choose the right.

1. Temperature ratings
Temperature rating is the most important factor while choosing a mummy sleeping bag. Temperature varies from extreme survival temperature (28 degree Celsius) to optimal comfort temperature (4 degree Celsius). These bags are designed in a way to keep you safe in worst conditions and even when there is a real threat of hypothermia.
2. Shell
The material used for the outside shell of the sleeping bag is another factor. Some materials are water absorbing while others are classified as waterproof or water repellent. Some are breathable, and others are good to keep out winds. Pay attention to the foot section; it must be warm.
3. ‘Left and Right hand Zips’ or ‘Two-way Zip’
Sleeping bags are available with the zip openings at the left and right side of the bag. To make it easier choose the zip on the opposite side of your leading hand. If you are right-handed, pick the bag with a zip on the left side and if you are left handed, choose the bag with a zip on the right side. Also, a two-way zip is useful for easy opening when ventilation is required.
4. Synthetic Vs Down
Sleeping bags will either be filled with human-made synthetic insulation, especially made from poly fibers, natural down, the fine under feathers of ducks and geese. Synthetic insulation is the most common type of insulation used in mummy sleeping bags. It will be cheaper, easier to clean and requires less care than down sleeping bag.
5. Inner linings
Fine Nylon or Polyester are the most common materials used for the inner lining of the sleeping bag while flannel and cotton are also popular for sleeping bag linings. Inner linings should be soft and cozy for a good night sleep.

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