Buy the good outdoor sleeping bag

When you’re looking for a sleeping bag, it’s hard to have a lot of choices and choices. From the best starting point, you can choose the conditions under which you want to use your sleeping bag. If you are an avid hiker you want a compact bag, but you have to know how cold it might be at night because they don’t have a lot of insulation to keep warm. A good sleeping bag can keep your body hot. Now, if you are hiking with honey, you can invest in a double sleeping bag, and the extra body warmth is likely to keep you warm throughout the night.

Sleeping bag style
Rectangular styles are the most common styles, you can decompress them and use them like quilts or zip them together with another rectangular bag to accommodate 2 people. Now, if you don’t like to pull 2 ​​bags together, can you buy a 2 person bag that is cool? The next style is a hooded bag that retains more body heat and is suitable for a comfortable sleep on your head, like a pillow. The last style is a mummy sleeping bag. Since the foot of the mummy bag is narrower than the head, the mummy bag has better insulation properties. The mummy usually pulls a part of the path so that the foot is permanently fixed. This is a beneficial feature when camping at cooler temperatures because the feet are more susceptible to heat loss than other parts of the body.
Fall and insurance
Down is used in most sleeping bags ranging from 550 Fill Power to 800+ Fill Power. A 550 underfill bag that uses 550 cubic inches of insulation per ounce. So, 750 Fill Power down takes up 200 cubic inches of space per ounce! When choosing a down pocket to find a higher fill amount, they produce a lighter, more insulated bag.
Temperature class
The temperature rating is very important when determining which sleeping bag is right for you. There are usually four bag grades: warm weather (down to +32F / + 0C), three seasons (down to +15F / -9C), cold weather (low temperature to around – 5F / -21C), extreme Weather (temperature below -5F / -21C).
Synthetic insulation
Compositions such as lite-loft, primaloft, polarguard, hollofil, microloft are preferred under wet conditions. They retain a large amount of insulation when wet, so synthetic bags may be the best choice in such a humid environment as the Pacific Northwest of the United States. They are relatively easy to clean, are not susceptible to mildew and decay, and dry faster than they fall. In most cases, they are cheaper. This is about the extent to which their advantage exceeds the decline!

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