A very versatile desk lamp or nightstand lamp or whatever you fancy using it for

LED Desk Lamps Pros:


- Adjustable at two points, just above the controls as well as just below the lights. Lamp also rotates on the base.

- Four different modes of light (reading, study, relax, and sleep) as well as a five level brightness control function.

- 60 minute auto shut-off option that will work on every mode.

- USB port right next to mode options allows for easy access to charge device (phone, kindle, tablet, etc.). I personally love this.

- Nicely weighted base holds lamp firmly in place. Not too heavy, not too light.

- Low energy consumption and ships with microfiber towel.

LED Desk Lamp Cons:

- Hard plastic instead of metal. It looks very sharp but some of the plastic feels cheap. Not a big deal to me, but is good to know if you are looking for something that will take a beating. With that being said I don't beat up my lamps usually in the sense of throwing them around the room. So if you don't either this should be a non-issue.

- The plastic gets fingerprints easily everywhere except where the mode buttons are. Of course I am sure this is why it ships with a microfiber towel which does a fine job of cleaning them off. I do not adjust the lamp that much so mine tends to stay rather fingerprint free, however if you are someone that would adjust it a lot prepare yourself for the mass of smudges that will be all over it (the piano black one at least, I cannot say for the other color).

Bottom Line:

- I think for $40 it was a deal. Four modes of light, five levels of brightness for each, a 60 min. shut-off timer and a USB port make this lamp very versatile. I work at my desk doing a lot of reading and working with papers and this has helped immensely so that I am not straining my eyes to see. I honestly would have bought another for my nightstand if I didn't already have one there.