LED Desk Lamp Reviews

I really needed a desk lamp and didn't want to get any normal boring lamp for my desk. I wanted something that will look cool and not take up a lot of space on my desk. I just installed my lamp and its bright enough for anything i will need to do. I don't know why some people are asking for a brighter desk lamp this thing is bright enough. I work a lot on phones and ipads replacing screen and there are a bunch of small screws i have to keep track of. I can already tell this is going to help with the assembly and disassembly of phones and ipads. It takes up almost no space on your desk when you fold the light inward. The desk lamp looks nice on my desk and i am very happy with its looks. The power and brightness settings are controlled by your touch so there isn't any toggle buttons to push which is a cool feature and it actually works really well. You can press each setting or swipe your finger across its pretty fun to play with. The desk lamp has 7 brightness settings and weighs almost nothing so you can move it around on your desk with one hand and with the power cable being around 3-4ft long you have options to where to put it.


Things i found to not be true.

1) The light does get a little warm. I read some of the reviews saying that the light is cool to the touch but my unit with 3 minutes of being on was already warm to the touch. It wont burn your hand but it is warm.

2) I saw on a video review the guy extends the lamp outward and it holds, With my lamp if i pull it out to a certain point the weight of it just bring the lamp down, So i cant really fully extend it outward. I need to keep the base almost upright for the lamp not to fall. Maybe i can just tighten something but I'm not messing with it.

Overall this is a great led desk lamp for the price I would recommend it even with the cons i have because 1) light bulbs need power and power=heat so what do you really expect and 3) Even though i cant extend it fully like the video i don't really need it extended that far. It gives out enough light with it upright. besides that the desk lamp does everything it states it says.