Why you need buy brightest flashlight?

First, I’ve had this for a little more than one day and I like it so much I’m considering ordering another one. It is a very well-made, compact, brightest flashlight, certainly a good thing to keep handy for emergencies. It has already been helpful. We’re having some serious storms here right now and a small roof leak developed that had supposedly been repaired last week. Thanks to this little flashlight we were able to see immediately that there is now a small spot of new moisture seeping through the ceiling. We could easily “spotlight” the wet area for the roofing contractor, so maybe the leak can be stopped before it does any more damage.

700lm rechargeable led flashlight

I just looked on YouTube and found several favorable video reviews of this flashlight and learned more detailed information about it. Among other things, one reviewer pointed out that in bright strobe mode, the beam aimed at the face of a would-be assailant can temporarily disorient, so this would be good for self defense as well as for the power outages and storm emergencies I had been thinking of. Of course I hope none of us will need it for any sort of emergency, but I think it’s good to be prepared, and this seems like a very good LED flashlight to have on hand.

Second, This is a great value in a led flashlight. It works very well and is much less pricey than other models which do not work any better. I have three of these lights mainly because I can’t keep others from borrowing them. I have to go in search of them to get them back so I just bought some spares. All of them work equally well. I had another brand of light much like this one which cost much more and used very expensive batteries. This one uses common AA batteries and works just as well.

Additional review: After having used these led flashlight for a while now I still love them. I recently lost one to battery leakage which was in no way the fault of the light and bought two more as replacement/spares. I still think they are a great value and continue to use them.

Third,Was the size good?

Yes, I have a medium/large hand-size and have had no problem gripping the flashlight.

What is it made out of?

Some kind of metallic alloy. I can’t say for certain what kind, but the LED flashlight feels firm and rigid to hold. Definitely does not feel like some cheap alloy made by other low quality product.

Four, How bright is it?

300 Lumen is about bright enough that it can shine even in a well light indoor environment, can be used as a search light at night, and pretty good at blinding someone to defend yourself from attacker.

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