Best LED Light Striping Reviews 2018

This   LED strips kit works great out of the box. It comes with:
Adhessive backed LED strips
Remote control w/ battery
Power Cable
Receiver for remote


Nothing else is required for this to work. Additional strips can be purchased to extend the light use. '
Note that each led light has all three colors. Others on the market alternate R,G,B LEDs across the length. Having all three LEDs together creates a more consistent and vibrant light experience.
There is also a waterproof coating on the outside of the strip making these usable outside in some cases. The rest of the unit is not waterproof - so you would want to unplug between uses.
The adhesive is good quality and sticks well. It is not easily removable though, so be sure where you are going to put these before you mount them. You can also leave the adhesive on and either hang or tape up the lights as I have done in the attached pictures.

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