LE Blue 12V LED Strip Lights Reviews

LED light strips are great for all kinds of holiday lighting (such as Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Saint Valentine Day, Halloween, Weddings, Parties, etc), as well as decorative lighting for clubs, bars, garden, home, kitchen, studio, vehicle, etc.

led light strips 12v

So in regular households, This blue light strips can create a comfortable ambient on corners, shelves, masked zones, and small ornamental statues and so on. This 5 meters Blue strip light includes 300 bright LEDs, and there are 60 LEDs every meter, so that they can also be used for exterior design during holidays around the home, the porch or at window edges.

Below are our more detailed reviews:

Physical ON/OFF Switch: Compare to the same series products, we update the strip with wire control ON/OFF switch.

SUFFICIENT BRIGHTNESS: With 300 pieces of high brightness 2835 LEDs, this 16.4ft LED light strip is bright enough.

SAFE TO TOUCH: Operating on 12V DC, which is safe to touch.

DIY And Moldable: Can be cut and connectable, you can create your own DIY product with this soft light strip and you can create a lot of different shapes. With the provided connecting clip, you can connect them according to your specific lighting needs.

Durable: By adopting qualified FPC circuit board and LEDs, the strip has excellent heat dissipation, making it much more durable. (Note: please do not light this strip on without unrolling)

Easy Installation: With double sided tape on the reverse, it can be easily secured in the mounting surface. Recommendations for installation – as this utilizes 2 sided tape, be sure you clean the area you are adhering to with alcohol or another residue-free cleaner to remove any dirt/oils. it would not take much to contaminate the double sided tape. Also, it may not adhere as well to some surfaces (porous surfaces such as bare wood or the non-laminated surfaces on the underside of some cabinets that are manufactured from MDF/Fiberboard).

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