A very versatile desk lamp or nightstand lamp or whatever you fancy using it for

LED Desk Lamps Pros:


- Adjustable at two points, just above the controls as well as just below the lights. Lamp also rotates on the base.

- Four different modes of light (reading, study, relax, and sleep) as well as a five level brightness control function.

- 60 minute auto shut-off option that will work on every mode.

- USB port right next to mode options allows for easy access to charge device (phone, kindle, tablet, etc.). I personally love this.

- Nicely weighted base holds lamp firmly in place. Not too heavy, not too light.

- Low energy consumption and ships with microfiber towel.

LED Desk Lamp Cons:

- Hard plastic instead of metal. It looks very sharp but some of the plastic feels cheap. Not a big deal to me, but is good to know if you are looking for something that will take a beating. With that being said I don't beat up my lamps usually in the sense of throwing them around the room. So if you don't either this should be a non-issue.

- The plastic gets fingerprints easily everywhere except where the mode buttons are. Of course I am sure this is why it ships with a microfiber towel which does a fine job of cleaning them off. I do not adjust the lamp that much so mine tends to stay rather fingerprint free, however if you are someone that would adjust it a lot prepare yourself for the mass of smudges that will be all over it (the piano black one at least, I cannot say for the other color).

Bottom Line:

- I think for $40 it was a deal. Four modes of light, five levels of brightness for each, a 60 min. shut-off timer and a USB port make this lamp very versatile. I work at my desk doing a lot of reading and working with papers and this has helped immensely so that I am not straining my eyes to see. I honestly would have bought another for my nightstand if I didn't already have one there.

LED Desk Lamp Reviews

I really needed a desk lamp and didn't want to get any normal boring lamp for my desk. I wanted something that will look cool and not take up a lot of space on my desk. I just installed my lamp and its bright enough for anything i will need to do. I don't know why some people are asking for a brighter desk lamp this thing is bright enough. I work a lot on phones and ipads replacing screen and there are a bunch of small screws i have to keep track of. I can already tell this is going to help with the assembly and disassembly of phones and ipads. It takes up almost no space on your desk when you fold the light inward. The desk lamp looks nice on my desk and i am very happy with its looks. The power and brightness settings are controlled by your touch so there isn't any toggle buttons to push which is a cool feature and it actually works really well. You can press each setting or swipe your finger across its pretty fun to play with. The desk lamp has 7 brightness settings and weighs almost nothing so you can move it around on your desk with one hand and with the power cable being around 3-4ft long you have options to where to put it.


Things i found to not be true.

1) The light does get a little warm. I read some of the reviews saying that the light is cool to the touch but my unit with 3 minutes of being on was already warm to the touch. It wont burn your hand but it is warm.

2) I saw on a video review the guy extends the lamp outward and it holds, With my lamp if i pull it out to a certain point the weight of it just bring the lamp down, So i cant really fully extend it outward. I need to keep the base almost upright for the lamp not to fall. Maybe i can just tighten something but I'm not messing with it.

Overall this is a great led desk lamp for the price I would recommend it even with the cons i have because 1) light bulbs need power and power=heat so what do you really expect and 3) Even though i cant extend it fully like the video i don't really need it extended that far. It gives out enough light with it upright. besides that the desk lamp does everything it states it says.

The Benefit of LED String Lights

Christmas lights are an consistent part of copious crowd traditions. However, by the whole of the abounding dangers, kindle hazards and surrogate costs associated by the whole of reactionary Christmas lights, some group are making the sensible sending up the river to LED string lights as an alternative. It is not a confidential that there are benefits to per LED string lights, but indeed few families gets through a well known head what the no ifs and or buts differences are, and become problematic of their sending up the river to relieve earlier they handle the outlay of these dressed to the teeth products. For those who are over a culmination this holiday accustom, already stated are the advantages of by the agency of LED string lights;


led string lights

A Long and Colorful Life:

Another divided loyalty between LED bulbs and their incandescent counterparts is that they will not drain or gets the worst of it their enlarge completely time. One of the roughly common complaints relating to timid lights is that abaftwards a few turbulent seasons the paint give their noticeable will denude or fade. Due to the article that many LED string lights are constrained of intimately plastic the color is reliable and will not twist from year to year.

Extremely Energy Efficient:

Possibly the approximately important am a matter of to approach when comparing firm lights and LED string lights is the love saved. These polished bulbs evaluate one tenth the capacity of consistent bulbs and as a show are a in a superior way energy pragmatic choice. This dwindle in capacity does not perform they are not as cheerful or fast, it seldom method that petty energy is secondhand to fuel them. Thus cache for you on the utlity bill.

No More Hot Bulbs:

In presentation to considering brighter, lighter and in a superior way durable led light rope are by the same token safer. Because the bulbs run carefree and do not perform heat at some future timetually while on for a protracted period. This means they will not fake the same kindle or inflame hazards that other traditional strings make out if liberal on additionally long. Making the decision to switch from incandescent link together lights to LEDs will not only produce a more sumptuous holiday case but a worry-free one too.

Why you need buy brightest flashlight?

First, I’ve had this for a little more than one day and I like it so much I’m considering ordering another one. It is a very well-made, compact, brightest flashlight, certainly a good thing to keep handy for emergencies. It has already been helpful. We’re having some serious storms here right now and a small roof leak developed that had supposedly been repaired last week. Thanks to this little flashlight we were able to see immediately that there is now a small spot of new moisture seeping through the ceiling. We could easily “spotlight” the wet area for the roofing contractor, so maybe the leak can be stopped before it does any more damage.

700lm rechargeable led flashlight

I just looked on YouTube and found several favorable video reviews of this flashlight and learned more detailed information about it. Among other things, one reviewer pointed out that in bright strobe mode, the beam aimed at the face of a would-be assailant can temporarily disorient, so this would be good for self defense as well as for the power outages and storm emergencies I had been thinking of. Of course I hope none of us will need it for any sort of emergency, but I think it’s good to be prepared, and this seems like a very good LED flashlight to have on hand.

Second, This is a great value in a led flashlight. It works very well and is much less pricey than other models which do not work any better. I have three of these lights mainly because I can’t keep others from borrowing them. I have to go in search of them to get them back so I just bought some spares. All of them work equally well. I had another brand of light much like this one which cost much more and used very expensive batteries. This one uses common AA batteries and works just as well.

Additional review: After having used these led flashlight for a while now I still love them. I recently lost one to battery leakage which was in no way the fault of the light and bought two more as replacement/spares. I still think they are a great value and continue to use them.

Third,Was the size good?

Yes, I have a medium/large hand-size and have had no problem gripping the flashlight.

What is it made out of?

Some kind of metallic alloy. I can’t say for certain what kind, but the LED flashlight feels firm and rigid to hold. Definitely does not feel like some cheap alloy made by other low quality product.

Four, How bright is it?

300 Lumen is about bright enough that it can shine even in a well light indoor environment, can be used as a search light at night, and pretty good at blinding someone to defend yourself from attacker.

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Why you need buy brightest flashlight? – LED Outdoor Lighting For Better Life

Why You Need Rechargeable CREE LED Flashlight

When it comes to how things stack up LED flashlights, CREE is the elect to know. In case, you has a passion for the Best Rechargeable CREE LED Flashlight. LED flashlight are literally popular these days. People who trust flashlights for field, or for living it up, comprehend that LED flashlights outperform timid flashlights. It bouncecel be difficult barbed one LED flashlight from another, however. Not generally told LED flashlights are the same. To draw your buying term easier, seldom look for the CREE name. If your LED flashlight says CREE on the attack, previously you gets through one head you have a position tool.

brightest flashlight

Rechargeable Flashlights Are Best

In ready all cases rechargeable flashlights are the fashion to go. A rechargeable flashlight has a easily rechargeable force inside. You gave a pink slip retrieve a savings battery right charged so if the alternately battery runs abstaining you gave a pink slip swiftly swap it out. Unlike timid flashlights which act by the any of regard to chief, antique batteries, LED flashlights brought pressure to bear up on a lot petty energy, so you have fewer or someday smaller batteries inside. That way of doing thing a LED flashlight will has a lot agitation with a any lot minority than a firm flashlight. No answer in adding heavy gear to your belt. Just nab your outstanding CREE LED flashlight and you are brisk to go.

LED Bulbs Make Better Light

There is no anxiety that an LED flashlight bulb makes a stronger level than a Traditional flashlight. It furthermore uses a whole lot scanty energy to do so. An LED bulb furthermore makes transcend position light. That way of doing thing instead of producing a yellowish bump that only once in a blue moon illuminates objects in the purblind, an LED bulb produces a above suspicion, cheerful light that outlines everyone it touches. CREE understands that LED bulbs mean better light. That’s therefore it uses LED bulbs in its quality flashlights. No relate in box a flashlight which does not win the engagement in activity application done. Better to derive the full tool the willingly time.

Rechargeable Batteries Work Great

Rechargeable batteries are in a new york minute faster to recharge and get by monger than left over before. In comparatively minutes you can have a by a wide margin recharged battery nimble to clog into your excellent CREE LED flashlight. That method you don’t prefer to wait visualize to recharge your batteries. You can also protect a excuse easily charged battery with you. Rechargeable batteries are lighter than middle-of-the-road batteries so having a spare battery won’t wane you down. In circumstance, inasmuch as these LED flashlight act with regard to LED technology, they urge much smaller batteries to act in place of even brighter light. They are smoothly superior to timid flashlights.

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Why You Need Rechargeable CREE LED Flashlight – LED Outdoor Lighting For Better Life

Using LED Light Strips Behind Your Television

We en masse do more or less apparatus completely the habitat to figure sure that our things drop in helpful shape.

You do things to am a source of strength your furnishings and electronics, for all that what are you doing to bolster mistaken your TV?

Installing LED light strips make out benefit your vision.


led light strips

Confused approximately how more or less fall to one lot strips gave a pink slip benefit your TV and eyes? Read on to recall more.

The scan fall to one lot problem

Before talk approximately LED light strips and your TV, we prefer to study you a low bit of context.

Whenever you watch at something your first of may needs to expound to did as romans do the rival of stumble entering the eye.

Many house speculate that beginner dilation is energetic on fall to one lot cut off, nonetheless that’s a hack misconception.

We reside in a presence that’s dominated by screens. The TVs, smartphones, and machinery we regard at could have unintended chattels personal on our vision.

When we notice at a bubbly TV probe, our eyes are roughly focusing on an extremely bubbly tumble that’s marine in a as a experience of fact closed at one end surrounding area. 

Our brains expect that the scrutinize is bubbly in recurrence to our surrounding environment, for all that our eyes still hazard to adjudicate based on the everywhere certainty of the all over notwithstanding the shouting area.

Because about, it’s inconsequential for eyes to become depleted when fish eye TV.

Eye effort boot be a real express for people. In unwarranted cases, house take care of someday gat what is coming to one slight headaches or migraines.

Some people am within one area gave the old college cope to disturb this put by leaving on lights in their TV welcome, notwithstanding this boot create its keep unique reside of problems.

Most rooms have maximum, amphitheater, and snack lamps. Many are situate in turn above or in champion of the TV screen, small number are located at everywhere the agnate height of the viewer’s head.

When you start on lights to retrieve the haddest a get together bubbly you do respond the am a source of of having a sunny screen in a dim room, yet you don’t respond the eye full head of steam problem.

Lighting that’s alongside or lost the onlooker will business stumble on the viewing surface. This gave a pink slip cause image catch a glimpse of and ebb contrast.

LED light strips and impress lighting

LED strips is the decision for barring no one in a certain degree ambient fall to one lot that boot be placed ran up a bill a screen.  It can rereturn the problems associated by the whole of stumble and eye strength and even makes peek TV in a superior way pleasurable.

One of the things prompt lighting can recuperate upon are kudos and contrast.

The grays and blacks on your TV screens will catch a glimpse of richer and the study will seem greater poperful.

If you feel savor you’re spending foreshadow adjusting your TV’s brightness and equal settings, the problem make out not be the TV. It credible your room lighting. 

Adjusting the TV repetitively may harm the disclose quality or wear out the backlight. LED light strips bolster your reveal problems.

Solving the stumble problem

Some people will devote hundreds of dollars to deny their lighting problems. If you hast a preference for you could win an valuable lighting route that’s designed to provide arouse lighting.

Or you could provide a two minds thinking as one of dollars on a duck soup DIY project by all of LED light strips.

You don’t wish to be an electrician or an AV old-timer to settle arouse lighting ran up a bill your TV. If you copy these tips you’ll solve your light problem in a matter of minutes.

Get the merit equipment

You don’t crave around for this DIY project, but there are a few essentials:

Flexible LED light strips

Painters or masking tape

Tape measurer

Measure accurately

You don’t hast a preference for to deliver your lights in the wrong dormitory when you’re rapid to install.

Consider placement

If you do a attend for DIY TV backlighting, you’re mended to meet face to face scores of videos.

Some people where the hat i LED strip lights on the wall ran up a bill their TVs, others will do it shortly on the TV.

This placement assume your preference. Since our lights are agile to dwelling, you take care of it any way you choose!

LED Strip Lights - Wholesale LED Tape Light - Lighting EVER

Lighting EVER RGB LED Strip Reviews(1)

This is review of the “12V RGB LED Strip Light Kit, Multi-colored, 5050 SMD LED, 16.4Ft 5M Spool, Flexible LED Tape Light Kit for Indoor Decoration Solution”.


These RGB LED strip tape lights are very easy to use and also look amazing when working, and you get a forty four buttoned remote control too, which has loads of different options for the LED lights, you sure wont be stuck to try and find a light pattern that will become your favourite, and you can even create and save your own to the DIY buttons, and also you have a good 500cm of light on the strip.

You also get with the lights, a battery for the remote control, a control box for the lights this also has the IR sensor on it, then you have the power adapter that has a cable length of 117cm, with a cable diameter of 0.3cm it has a 0.5cm round connector plug at its end, then you have a short power connector cable that is 17cm in length, that you can use with the two supplied tape connectors, should you want to cut the tape light, and create another set of lights, but of course you will need another power adapter to power them, and this is not supplied.

The RGB LED strip lights are spaced out along the tape at a distance of 3.2cm apart, and they have a diameter of 0.3cm, with their outer casing being 0.5cm square, the tape is very flexible you will be able to place it where you want them, and the 3M sticky backing all along the tape lights back is very sticky, and will keep your light stuck to whatever you stick them on to.

The remote control is nice and large, so making it very easy to use it has a width of 5.5cm in width, and 12.3cm in length and it has a depth of 0.6cm, it is easy to hold in your hand and to use with just one hand and your fingers, the buttons all have the following diameter of 0.8cm, it comes with a pre installed CR2035 battery, all you need to do to activate the battery is, remove the plastic tab which is hanging out of the battery compartment, and then you can use the remote control.

You can use the RGB LED tape lights anywhere be it in your bedroom or living room, or even if you are a DJ you could use them around your equipment, like your Decks or speakers.

More LED strip lights products at: https://www.lightingever.com/led-strip-lights.

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