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This is review of the “12V RGB LED Strip Light Kit, Multi-colored, 5050 SMD LED, 16.4Ft 5M Spool, Flexible LED Tape Light Kit for Indoor Decoration Solution”.


These RGB LED strip tape lights are very easy to use and also look amazing when working, and you get a forty four buttoned remote control too, which has loads of different options for the LED lights, you sure wont be stuck to try and find a light pattern that will become your favourite, and you can even create and save your own to the DIY buttons, and also you have a good 500cm of light on the strip.

You also get with the lights, a battery for the remote control, a control box for the lights this also has the IR sensor on it, then you have the power adapter that has a cable length of 117cm, with a cable diameter of 0.3cm it has a 0.5cm round connector plug at its end, then you have a short power connector cable that is 17cm in length, that you can use with the two supplied tape connectors, should you want to cut the tape light, and create another set of lights, but of course you will need another power adapter to power them, and this is not supplied.

The RGB LED strip lights are spaced out along the tape at a distance of 3.2cm apart, and they have a diameter of 0.3cm, with their outer casing being 0.5cm square, the tape is very flexible you will be able to place it where you want them, and the 3M sticky backing all along the tape lights back is very sticky, and will keep your light stuck to whatever you stick them on to.

The remote control is nice and large, so making it very easy to use it has a width of 5.5cm in width, and 12.3cm in length and it has a depth of 0.6cm, it is easy to hold in your hand and to use with just one hand and your fingers, the buttons all have the following diameter of 0.8cm, it comes with a pre installed CR2035 battery, all you need to do to activate the battery is, remove the plastic tab which is hanging out of the battery compartment, and then you can use the remote control.

You can use the RGB LED tape lights anywhere be it in your bedroom or living room, or even if you are a DJ you could use them around your equipment, like your Decks or speakers.

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Best LED Light Striping Reviews 2018

This   LED strips kit works great out of the box. It comes with:
Adhessive backed LED strips
Remote control w/ battery
Power Cable
Receiver for remote


Nothing else is required for this to work. Additional strips can be purchased to extend the light use. '
Note that each led light has all three colors. Others on the market alternate R,G,B LEDs across the length. Having all three LEDs together creates a more consistent and vibrant light experience.
There is also a waterproof coating on the outside of the strip making these usable outside in some cases. The rest of the unit is not waterproof - so you would want to unplug between uses.
The adhesive is good quality and sticks well. It is not easily removable though, so be sure where you are going to put these before you mount them. You can also leave the adhesive on and either hang or tape up the lights as I have done in the attached pictures.

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LE Blue 12V LED Strip Lights Reviews

LED light strips are great for all kinds of holiday lighting (such as Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Saint Valentine Day, Halloween, Weddings, Parties, etc), as well as decorative lighting for clubs, bars, garden, home, kitchen, studio, vehicle, etc.

led light strips 12v

So in regular households, This blue light strips can create a comfortable ambient on corners, shelves, masked zones, and small ornamental statues and so on. This 5 meters Blue strip light includes 300 bright LEDs, and there are 60 LEDs every meter, so that they can also be used for exterior design during holidays around the home, the porch or at window edges.

Below are our more detailed reviews:

Physical ON/OFF Switch: Compare to the same series products, we update the strip with wire control ON/OFF switch.

SUFFICIENT BRIGHTNESS: With 300 pieces of high brightness 2835 LEDs, this 16.4ft LED light strip is bright enough.

SAFE TO TOUCH: Operating on 12V DC, which is safe to touch.

DIY And Moldable: Can be cut and connectable, you can create your own DIY product with this soft light strip and you can create a lot of different shapes. With the provided connecting clip, you can connect them according to your specific lighting needs.

Durable: By adopting qualified FPC circuit board and LEDs, the strip has excellent heat dissipation, making it much more durable. (Note: please do not light this strip on without unrolling)

Easy Installation: With double sided tape on the reverse, it can be easily secured in the mounting surface. Recommendations for installation – as this utilizes 2 sided tape, be sure you clean the area you are adhering to with alcohol or another residue-free cleaner to remove any dirt/oils. it would not take much to contaminate the double sided tape. Also, it may not adhere as well to some surfaces (porous surfaces such as bare wood or the non-laminated surfaces on the underside of some cabinets that are manufactured from MDF/Fiberboard).

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Predominant LED High Bay Lights in The Market

LEDs are known to be a definitive lighting innovation as it is utilized more as a swap for conventional wellsprings of light. It has been perceived additionally that LED has outperformed the nature of both brilliant and incandescent lights. In this way, the greater part of us tend to drove lights for lighting source. What's more, LED High Bay Lights is intended for the general population who requires working during the evening or working oblivious. They radiate brilliant stunning white light. You can see them apply to rec center, coal mining, stadium or industrial facility. It's most likely that you they the horn outline or globule plan of LED High Bay Lights. They are normal LED High Bay Lights in the market. Be that as it may, analyze this 120w LED High Bay Lights with other high narrows light.You may totally know why I suggest it for you.


led high bay

Right off the bat, from the appearance, it's more tough light shade, and it appears to be heavier than the first one.

In points of interest, glass cover for drove chips, water and rain can not stream into it. Superbly ensure inside building. Expanding the life expectancy. Continuously remember that over the long haul you will spare cash on power and you won't have to change the lights as regularly so you won't need to stress that the light will wear out.

Likewise, unadulterated copper pipe bolster the high warm condcutivity. Balances riveting with copper pipe exchange warm out of the light quickly. Outside driver convey warm from driver quickly to air.

Furthermore, the aluminum-covered reflector can raise the intelligent rate up to 92%.

Thirdly, the most essential distinction between this light to different lights is the movable point of hanging position.13 adaptable positions influences venture to edge can be balanced inside 216 degree. They can be introduced in various areas on the LED High Bay Lighting shafts as indicated by client prerequisites while others may not bolster this capacity.

Why You Should Buy LED Strip Lighting For Home Decorations

Many individuals are picking LED light strips establishment over customary lighting due to the many advantages you get.

Advantages run from sparing cash because of expanded proficiency to adding to handling environmental change with all the more naturally neighborly lighting.


Improved Flexibility and Versatility

LED strip lighting is accessible available in an assortment of shapes and sizes.

Be that as it may, there is likewise improved control over the quality and shade of the lighting. This implies you can set the state of mind of a room as per taste and event with precision.

Moment Off and On Use

Have you at any point turned on a customary light and expected to sit tight for the light to light up?

With LED strip lighting establishment you never again need. After you flick the switch, the light will instantly light up.

By turning the LED strip lighting on and off, it doesn't have any effect on the life of the light. It doesn't affect on the emanations either.

More noteworthy Focus

With LED strip lighting you can better concentration and direct light in a specific territory of a room. This improves LED strip lighting establishment much to create the spotlight impact.

Nonetheless, this preferred standpoint is extremely one of proficiency. Rather than conveying the light all through a room, you can guide it to the area you need.

No UV Emissions

Have you at any point had a thing harmed because of its nearness to lighting?

The infrared light and UV emanations that are created by ordinary lighting can make harm specific sorts of materials.

Be that as it may, LED strip lighting establishment delivers just about zero infrared light and UV outflows. LED strip lighting is progressively being utilized to enlighten touchy materials, for example, in exhibition halls and craftsmanship displays.

Just Needs Low-Voltage Power

In the event that you need lighting yet you just have a low-voltage vitality supply, LED strip lighting is an awesome arrangement.

LED strip lights just requires low-voltage to work at its most elevated operational level. You can interface it to a sun based fueled source or low-voltage vitality source. This settles on it the ideal decision for outside lighting.

Three Common Issues With LED High Bay

Despite the ubiquity of these types of lights there are some inherent characteristics that can lead to issues, below we will look at the three most common: energy cost, maintenance costs and overall lighting performance.


high bay led lighting

Energy Costs

LED High bay and low bay lights range from 175 watts to 1000 watts depending on the fixture and application. Generally speaking, the higher the light wattage the higher the light output. The variables here are a function of the area illuminated, combined with the height of the ceiling and fixture mounting. These factors all play a role in the wattages that is utilized.

Lighting Performance

The characteristics of your LED high bay lighting and low bay lighting can vary significantly depending on the type of lighting installed in your facility. Metal halide lamps produce a “whiter” type of light, however these types of lamps tend to have accelerated lumen degradation, meaning the light output of the lamps decrease quickly after initial install. It’s possible you’ve seen these high bay lights rendering a very “pink” light. While operational, they are barely providing any light on the intended surface below.


As we can see there are: high energy costs, frequent maintenance costs, and overall lighting performance issues associated with metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps. These issues in addition to overall lamp lifetime concerns should be a motivator to evaluate an alternative lighting solution for your facility.

Three Benefit of LED High Bay

In the realm of lighting, the Led high bay is an apparatus that you would discover in a distribution center, a manufacturing plant, an exercise center, or any vast open region with moderately high roofs. Many existing Led high bay lighting and low bay lighting applications use led high bay lights, for example, metal halide, or high weight sodium lights.


led high bay lighting

In spite of their far reaching use, HID lights use out of date innovation that costs building chiefs both straightforwardly and by implication. In particular, utilizing HID lights will bring about: higher than would normally be appropriate vitality costs, much of the time support expenses and poor lighting execution. These issues would all be able to be tended to by changing over your current lighting to LED.

Support Cost Reduction

By changing over to LED's you will likewise observe an emotional diminishment in the support of your Led high bay lights installations. This is because of the way LEDs produce light, and the way they advance through their practical life. Rather than stopping to work legitimately once a fuel source is altogether diminished, LED produced light yield debases gradually after some time. Subsequently the useful existence of a LED item can be altogether longer than that of a HID Lamp, accordingly radically lessening the upkeep stack required.

For instance, by changing over ordinary 400w Led high bay lights to LED, a run of the mill working with modern light apparatuses can set aside to $5,341 through the span of 3 years in upkeep costs alone.

Vitality Savings

Vitality investment funds is an essential driver behind why you ought to assess LED lighting for your building or office. Basic wattages for Led high bay installations can go from 95 Watts to 495 Watts. On the off chance that we contrast this wattage with a regular Led high bay apparatus that same range is 175 watts to 1000 watts.

So by changing to LED lighting you are instantly decreasing your vitality utilization by 40%-60%. To place this in dollars you would spare, $300 per apparatus every year in power costs on the off chance that you did the change to LED high bay lighting. Contingent upon the span of your office this can truly influence the operational monetary record.

Lighting Performance

At long last, lighting execution is a basic factor in assessing the move to an alternate kind of lighting. From an execution point of view, LED's are a head-and-shoulders over their HID partners.