Why do I need to buy a good sleeping bag?

There's something that can add extra comfort during the night, which believe to be equally very important for a good sleep: the mummy sleeping bag, because:

mummy sleeping bags

1. No sleeping bag is good enough to protect you from the ground - even the most expensive one won't keep you warm if your warmth is lost directly to the ground - you *will* be cold. The sleeping mat is mandatory to insulate you from the ground.

2. Generally camping mats are good enough - even the cheapest one, all made of insulating materials. BUT not all provide equal comfort - the ground is much harder place to sleep compared to your bed, which you will long for shortly. So I found the solution in the *inflatable sleeping matresses* - they provide good insulation too, but most of all - add pure comfort added to being just warm and hard on the ground, which for me was also hurting on my sleep.

Those have different options - cheap means heavy or thin. The best value offer I found and serves me great for years now is the NeoAir inflatable matress - it's probably the lightest on the market (at least was when I bought it) and is 2.5" thick, which you can really feel, especially if you sleep on one side/shoulder.

I believe the sleep and warmth are the most important things for a goodhike experience for more than a weekend.
You can add warmth also with thermal underwear - options are wool and synthetic - both are good and serve well when wet. Wool, of course, is the more expensive option, but also has advantages: less bad smell over time not being washed, but is less durable. I'm not sure it worths the extra dollars if you spent them on down sleeping bag, but definitely get the underwear too - it is handy also during the days in severe weather conditions, together with a windstopper jacket.

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Best Tips to Choose a Sleeping Bags

Summer is here, and if you are planning to camp this summer, make sure you have got all the equipment and supplies to stay safe and comfortable. One thing that can make or break your camping experience is the sleeping bag you use.
The right sleeping bag can make all the difference for a stress-free and comfortable night sleep. In this guide we will take you through all the considerations and tips to help you choose the right.

1. Temperature ratings
Temperature rating is the most important factor while choosing a mummy sleeping bag. Temperature varies from extreme survival temperature (28 degree Celsius) to optimal comfort temperature (4 degree Celsius). These bags are designed in a way to keep you safe in worst conditions and even when there is a real threat of hypothermia.
2. Shell
The material used for the outside shell of the sleeping bag is another factor. Some materials are water absorbing while others are classified as waterproof or water repellent. Some are breathable, and others are good to keep out winds. Pay attention to the foot section; it must be warm.
3. ‘Left and Right hand Zips’ or ‘Two-way Zip’
Sleeping bags are available with the zip openings at the left and right side of the bag. To make it easier choose the zip on the opposite side of your leading hand. If you are right-handed, pick the bag with a zip on the left side and if you are left handed, choose the bag with a zip on the right side. Also, a two-way zip is useful for easy opening when ventilation is required.
4. Synthetic Vs Down
Sleeping bags will either be filled with human-made synthetic insulation, especially made from poly fibers, natural down, the fine under feathers of ducks and geese. Synthetic insulation is the most common type of insulation used in mummy sleeping bags. It will be cheaper, easier to clean and requires less care than down sleeping bag.
5. Inner linings
Fine Nylon or Polyester are the most common materials used for the inner lining of the sleeping bag while flannel and cotton are also popular for sleeping bag linings. Inner linings should be soft and cozy for a good night sleep.

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Letcase Camping Equipment: Best Tips to Choose a Sleeping Bags

What is the best sleeping bag for a child?

How old is the child. I would not let children under the age of 5 in a proper sleeping bag- perhaps a sleep sack (they are different things).
A sleep sack which is only slightly longer than their shoulders when they are standing up, and then a separate pillow for the head.

If you are using a sleep sack (which is not intended to be used out of doors, more to put the child up for the night on say a sofa in the living room but no blankets to worry about and the child feels secure). Some of these sleep sacks have little pockets where you can tuck an extra blanket over the top if it gets cold. Always keep and eye on the child even if it is only once in the night say half way through their usual sleep pattern.
If the child is much older say 8 and over a proper mummy sleeping bag which is lagged and has an inbuilt pillow and head cover so that they cannot get cold (I assume they are sleeping outside),
If they are sleeping outside, make sure they are sleeping on a ground sheet (large, deep, plastic sheet) to keep any damp rising from the ground, particularly if it has rained recently, or there is a lot of dew forming- especially spring time. That way the damp cannot get in to the lagging of the sleeping bag and make it damp, which then defeats the object of the bag, since the body is then trying to dry out the bag. Quickest way to get cold.
If they are sleeping in your back garden, always make sure the back door is not locked shut so if they do change their mind they can get in to the house and get in to their bed. Keep a low level light on for them. The younger the child, the more important this “escape route”.
If they are sleeping away from home make sure the sleeping bag is adequate for their needs, and again they have a ground sheet if they are sleeping in say woodland.
Finally don’t buy the sleeping bag for them without them there, let them choose the bag they want. Then check it over to make sure that it is going to be satisfactory and if not explain to them why. Then buy it.

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What is the best outdoor dome tent?

What is the best outdoor dome tent?
Family Tent
You would wonder if going on motorbike camping trip why to take along a family tent. Neither you are so many people nor it would be easier to carry. Well, a family tent might come in handy if you are a fairly bigger group.

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Bivy Bag Tent
Going a size down with every gradual point, here is one more—a bivy bag tent. It is easiest to set of the lot as it is actually a little bigger than a sleeping bag.
Expedition Tent
Expedition tents are any day more handy and for a motorbike camping trip, they are all the tent you need. These tents do not occupy much space and are typically divided into 2 sections; a sleeping area and a small porch where you can cook, eat, store or just rest.
Backpacking Tents
As the name goes backpacking, this a tent actually folds down to a backpack and can be very easily carried and is extremely lightweight. They can be easily installed and are a great choice for solo travellers or even two or three people.
Bike Tarp
And the last would be a bike tarp. In case you don’t want to pack a tent at all, here is what you could do, you can anchor a tarp with your motorbike and that would give you a makeshift overhead shelter saving you from the elements.

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Letcase Camping Equipment: What is the best outdoor tent?


Buy the good outdoor sleeping bag

When you’re looking for a sleeping bag, it’s hard to have a lot of choices and choices. From the best starting point, you can choose the conditions under which you want to use your sleeping bag. If you are an avid hiker you want a compact bag, but you have to know how cold it might be at night because they don’t have a lot of insulation to keep warm. A good sleeping bag can keep your body hot. Now, if you are hiking with honey, you can invest in a double sleeping bag, and the extra body warmth is likely to keep you warm throughout the night.

Sleeping bag style
Rectangular styles are the most common styles, you can decompress them and use them like quilts or zip them together with another rectangular bag to accommodate 2 people. Now, if you don’t like to pull 2 ​​bags together, can you buy a 2 person bag that is cool? The next style is a hooded bag that retains more body heat and is suitable for a comfortable sleep on your head, like a pillow. The last style is a mummy sleeping bag. Since the foot of the mummy bag is narrower than the head, the mummy bag has better insulation properties. The mummy usually pulls a part of the path so that the foot is permanently fixed. This is a beneficial feature when camping at cooler temperatures because the feet are more susceptible to heat loss than other parts of the body.
Fall and insurance
Down is used in most sleeping bags ranging from 550 Fill Power to 800+ Fill Power. A 550 underfill bag that uses 550 cubic inches of insulation per ounce. So, 750 Fill Power down takes up 200 cubic inches of space per ounce! When choosing a down pocket to find a higher fill amount, they produce a lighter, more insulated bag.
Temperature class
The temperature rating is very important when determining which sleeping bag is right for you. There are usually four bag grades: warm weather (down to +32F / + 0C), three seasons (down to +15F / -9C), cold weather (low temperature to around – 5F / -21C), extreme Weather (temperature below -5F / -21C).
Synthetic insulation
Compositions such as lite-loft, primaloft, polarguard, hollofil, microloft are preferred under wet conditions. They retain a large amount of insulation when wet, so synthetic bags may be the best choice in such a humid environment as the Pacific Northwest of the United States. They are relatively easy to clean, are not susceptible to mildew and decay, and dry faster than they fall. In most cases, they are cheaper. This is about the extent to which their advantage exceeds the decline!

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Choose a good equipment for a Camping

As the prices of the things are going up every day and the interest rates are very high we feel it quite impossible to save a large sum of money. I always take care that my kids get the best in spite of my high expenditure. We are quite affluent and do not have a shortage of money. I am a computer professional and my wife Stanley is a nurse in the state hospital. Though me and my wife earn a good sum but nowadays it is not enough. It is necessary for all the middleclass family to save money for the future. We try to cut all the expenses by sharing cars, have economical food but still we need to save money.
Choose a good equipment for a Camping
We decided of going to a camping though we are trying to save money. But we did this to make our kids happy. The idea for saving money on a camping holiday seemed like a really good one when I broached it to the kids, and the only thing we had to do - with the tent already sorted thanks to a workmate - was get all the right gear. Though we decided to go for a camping but neither me nor our kids are comfortable with the chill nights there.

I decided to get hold of mummy sleeping bags review to make us comfortable in the camp. At last we got the one we wanted from many options and we selected four for me, Stanley and the kids. I liked the ranges from the Kelty sleeping bags for the kids which offer great price. The Big Agnes sleeping bag range is really an attractive one but Slumberjack sleeping bag ranges are also well made. Finally we selected the two from the Slumberjack sleeping bags though we decided of getting from the ultralight sleeping bag. They are light weight and easy to transport and also very reasonable.

I've always had a close family life. My Ma and Pa, and my three sisters, were all very close. Having a close family is wonderful and Stanley is also from such a family and so, both of us is very close and frank with our kids. We do not have a perfect life but it is good that we have our own home, car and we go out together when we feel like. We are lucky and we have a big happy family.

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Baby Sleeping Bag For Perfect Sleep

New born babies are always a delight in the family and to see them smiling and joyous has always been the priority of every parent. Being incapable of doing anything, they tend to sleep most of the time. It is said that infants sleep for 16 to 18 hours a day and thus require healthy sleep. In order to provide comfort and warmth during their sleep, utmost care is taken by parents so as to see their tiny tots sleeping peacefully. What would be best than the sleeping bags for babies for this purpose? Numerous companies have emerged that offer baby products and serves this purpose properly.

There are many factors that can interrupt the sleep of a baby such as wet diaper or hunger; however baby feeling hot or cold cannot be made out. Due to this reason, adequate covering of the baby is a must. There have been many complaints drawn from the parents that the local baby wearable blanket does not prove much effective in terms of skin-friendly nature. However, with the availability of sleep net shell made up of 100 percent fabric which is skin-friendly, the baby wearable blanket has gained much popularity. The baby wearable blanket is made using quality cotton material which provides maximum breathability and comfort to the new born. The fine quality cotton also suits the skin of the baby. Moreover, the baby sleeping bags are available in varied sizes and colors in the market to choose from.

These wearable blankets are loaded with features such as easy on and off, comfortable cocoon shape and quilted duvet material in the design. Another feature of these baby sleeping bags is the shoulder snaps and the over-sized zipper. This makes quite convenient for parents to slide the baby in the sleep nest even while the baby is asleep. To maximize the comfort level, the unique cocoon shape of these baby sleeping bags prove very effective. This enables the baby to freely stretch during the night without even getting awake. Besides, these bags provide cozy environment to the baby while sleeping.

Moreover, these sleeping bags for babies consist of an extra layer which provides extra comfort and warmth to the toddlers. The advantage associated with these baby sleeping bags is that it diminishes the problem of blankets as babies tend to get uncovered during night and thereby leaving them cold. Thus, mummy sleeping bags are much more comfortable and safer than traditional blankets.

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